As we see around us that there is great competition for government jobs in India because it brings a feeling of career security for a lifetime. There are different channels through which we can apply for Government Jobs.

The government sector is a lucrative career option to pursue. There’s a whole lot of options available in the government sector for every age group.

In India, a corporation owned by the government is called a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU). Along with PSUs, there are various ministries, services and other institutes where there’s a great career option one can search for. Different jobs demand different eligibility criteria according to the aptitude that is needed to fulfill the requirements of the job.

Where to find Government Jobs

There are many sources to search for Government Jobs. Government keep publishing about these jobs in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays there are advertisements on television regarding many Government Jobs published by the concerned ministry or institution.

We can also stay updated about such opportunities by regularly visiting various government sites to check the official notifications regarding a particular job.

How to get into the Government Sector

Find the particular field of work that suits you

There are various sectors in different government departments. So you should be clear about the field of work you would like to join in.

For this start acquainting with different departments and try to find out their aims and mottos. After this choose one that seems most suitable for you. This step is very important to find a suitable and fruitful job for anyone.

Research on the process of recruitment

Every organisation or body have its own process for the recruitment of different posts present under that particular organisation. Some conduct exam for the recruitment and on the other hand some directly call for the interview.

Prepare yourself for the whole procedure

Now according to the requirement of the recruitment process of any particular exam, you have to prepare for that. Today there are various coaching institutes which provide coaching for different Government jobs. And if somebody is not capable of paying the fees of coaching institutes, today there are various sources available on the internet for the guidance. Moreover for many exams government itself gives the facility of coaching for the exam they are conducting.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are different eligibility criteria for different jobs on a different basis. Every Government Job has its own requirement on the basis of which the criteria is decided. Like,

  • Education: Every job demands a different type of aptitude and knowledge according to its nature. So you have to choose from the jobs which fit into your educational stream. Like some jobs demand the senior secondary level of education and some demand for graduates and some demands even further specification within a particular level of education.
  • Age: For every job, there is a minimum and a maximum age limit according to its need. So you have to keep your age into consideration during applying for any particular job.
  • Experience: In various cases, they demand a specific period of experience to be qualified for the job application. The experience should be in a particular sector or field which guarantee your proficiency in that particular field.
  • Others: Like in many cases in state government you need a domicile of that particular state for being eligible for the job they are offering.

Application Process:

Now to enroll yourself for any job you need to submit a formal application. Different organisations follow different ways to invite candidates to apply for the job they are offering.

  • Online Application: In an online application you have to provide the required information online on the concerned website of the concerned department with the help of a questionnaire.
  • Offline Application: In this method, a candidate needs to fill the printed application manually and post it to the concerned address along with all the required documents duly attached with it.

As we are aware of the cutthroat competition in the government sector, it is not that easy to get a Government Job as it seems. You have to be determined towards your aim as it needs a great amount of hard work and perseverance to achieve your target in today’s competitive environment.