Getting a graduate degree or any other diploma brings both, excitement and a kind of pressure to get placed. Freshers are like warriors in today’s competitive environment. Some get the guidelines, motivation and support from somewhere and some face a confusing situation regarding this crucial decision but on the other hand, this the time when one has the widest range of scope to decide the direction they want to head towards.

What is important for you is to know the kind of job you desire and dream of. It is not always the highest paying or the most popular job profiles that should attract attention. The jobs in which one find himself/herself to be the best fit are in demand rather.

It is important to analyze what kind of a person you are, what your educational qualifications are and how you can find the best suitable job for yourself, considering your eligibility. As a fresher, you need to take note of a few things that you have to work on before getting your first job, as your entry into the market will decide your future career path and career growth.

As a fresher, there are various platforms that offer you opportunities to get a good job:

  • On-Campus Drive: Some colleges offer this opportunity to their students by inviting companies to their campuses and conducting on-campus drives for recruitment. This may be the best way for getting hired and the salary brackets are usually good.
  • Off-Campus Drive: A few organizations hold an off-campus drive where they invite applications from eligible candidates and make them go through their evaluation process. This can also be a good opportunity, but the chances of hiring are generally slimmer.
    Recruitment Consultants: There are many recruitment consultants functioning in India to help the eligible candidates in getting their desired job. They play a very important role in helping you seek a job at fresher level. HR Inc Consultants is one such recruitment firm which is a trusted and a reliable source of hiring for corporate.
    Direct Application: A candidate can also apply directly to an organization by updating their profile in the career section of the company’s website, etc. This method is the least reliable and does not ensure a lot of conversions.
    References: At certain times some references can help in getting you a good job. You need to build a good network of people who can put your profile forward and assist you in getting hired in their own organization or in some other organization.

There are some basic things that should always be in your mind to keep yourself ready for the job:

  • Be clear on what kind of job you want…

This is the very first thing that should be done. You can take help of professionals who can help in knowing what kind of a job will suit you best. There are a variety of ways in which you can approach such professional teams. For example, is one such trusted organization that can help you decide on what kind of a job you should look for considering your skill set and the innate capabilities.

  • Conduct research on various organizations or industries of your interest…

Before heading with any kind of application you should know, which industry will offer your preferred job profiles and which are the ones you should approach.

  • Prepare your resume…

It is a very important part of the application process as it gives the first impression of the candidate. As, it is rightly said, “The first impression is the last impression”.

Your resume should be keenly drafted, highlighting all the significant points like your education qualification, your major skills, any projects or training undertaken, your correspondence and permanent contact details, etc.

  • Now start finding available job vacancies…

Make a list of all the job postings that you come across and are of your interest. Try and contact the recruiter or anyone who can guide you with the recruitment process of those particular organizations. This will help you in approaching them through the appropriate system.

  • Apply for the jobs you have selected…

Apply to all the short-listed job vacancies with your cover letter and resume through proper channel of recruitment. Do not forget to take confirmation from the employer or the medium, as you should be sure of your application reaching the concerned team.

  • Keep checking on the status…

In case you do not receive any information within the stipulated time, feel free to contact the concerned person to know the status of your application.

Another most important thing, especially in present days is to keep your regular presence online:

  • As we know very well that today internet is the most powerful tool for guiding us in any field, having a whole lot of opportunities for everyone.
  • There are several portals like YuvaJobs, etc where one can upload his/her resume and can apply for different types of jobs available there.
  • These days recruiters may also refer to your online profiles to check on your background and your social network. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your presence clean and professional.

So in the present era, there are enormous options available compared to older days when you had to run here and there to post for a single job opening. Today one just need to understand and recognize his/her aptitude and just need to keep trying having faith in one’s capabilities.

Hope this will help you find your dream job..:)