There is no one perfect resume Sample for Freshers because they don’t have any significant work experience as they haven’t started working yet. Work experience is like what adjective is to a noun. It expresses the entirety of what you are capable of. If you don’t have rich experience to sell yourself,¬† paint a better picture of yourself explaining your life goal and your positive qualities. Always pay attention to what you write in your resume. Don’t fluff in order to load it with unnecessary information. Now, let us get into what are the Do’s and Don’ts while building a killer resume that is going to decide your future.

What are the ingredients of a good resume for Fresher?

Give details of past projects: The main striking ingredient of a resume is your career experience. Arranging in chronological order of your past work can fetch you a well-paid job. If you have just graduated or out of college, you can explain the internship projects or part time jobs you have done in detail that can help you grab a job. Arrange in chronological order, the project you have done. Any special achievements during this period should definitely find a place in your resume. It will help you get a job, as it highlights your strengths and weaknesses along with telling the recruiter how knowledgeable you are.

Highlight academic achievements: If you were a bright student in your school or college, mention that in your CV, it will help you to design a good resume sample for fresher. Here, you can showcase the special achievements that will help you find a way to get hired before your co-applicants. You can hint the additional courses you have taken to bolster your knowledge. Mentioning the GPA you got against every course would help the recruiter, judge your skills and competencies.

If you have done your MBA and have done a project on marketing, explain how your performance helped to improve the company’s marketing, in your resume. If you have interviewed customers after they have launched a new product and it really helped improve the company’s services, mention that.

Extracurricular activities: Have you ever thought the extracurricular activities also impress the recruiters. If not, be informed of the fact that many recruiters are interested to know about your extracurricular activities. These activities boost your abilities and make them fit for the role they offer you. If in your college, you were a group leader, it brings out your ability as a leader, your communication skills and your men- management skills. This way, you can stand out in the crowd.

Make your resume attractive: Always remember to use positive tone and phrases to explain how much you can contribute to the company if you get hired. You have to place action words inappropriate places to drive you closer to the job. Keep the sentences short and catchy. Use bullets and or numbers to draw your recruiter’s attention to your accomplishments.

We have discussed what to do while building a resume, now something into what we shouldn’t do to build attention seeking resume?

  • Never write others’ words in your resume. You can always refer samples while preparing your resume. Remember to rephrase it and tweak it according to your achievements and skills. Even if you have knowledge in the same field, put it in a different way to enable the recruiter to gauge your talent.
  • If you have done any social work for contentious organizations, it should never find a place in your resume.
  • Take extra care of what you write. Don’t lie. If the interviewer sitting in front of you is a highly-experienced person, he will be clued up about your lie when he goes through your resume.

In short, the resume sample for fresher, is a document loaded with information that adds value to your accomplishments. It speaks volumes about what are your skills and capabilities. Try to be honest and include only true statements to make academic and career claims. Always use positive phrases and action words. The resume should have your contact information in case you are shortlisted by your employer, academic accomplishments and work history. There are different resume templates functional, hybrid, functional, from which you can choose according to your choice. Use bullet points to hold the employer’s interest in your resume. Otherwise, your resume will never find a place in the interviewer’s table.